It is an electrically operated type shutter. It can be used upto a maximum of about 50 m² clear area. It can be operated by an electric motor which will drive the worm shaft by chain or Vee-belt drive or through a reduction gear box. The electric drive is designed according to speed of the curtain needed in both direction.

The electric motor will be provided with push button controls. It has 3-phase reversing starter with interlocking contractors and overload protection. The 3 phase buttons marked as ‘up’, ‘down’, ‘stop’ will be provided. A mechanical locking arrangement is also provided to prevent unauthorized or irregular operation of push buttons. Limit switch is also provided to cut off current when rolling shutter reaches the limit of travel in up and down direction.

Can be installed on both new and existing shutters. Motor concealed inside the hood. No bulky fittings visible outside. Simple and easy to install.

Mechanical operation of rolling shutter is also provided for emergency.